Illuminating Design on the Lakeshore

An idea is salvation by inspiration.  – Frank Lloyd Wright

One of the things that every community takes pride in is how it looks and feels.  Everyone has a favorite building, a treasured park, or a go-to restaurant.  We remember the corridors of our schools long after graduation.  We see these places in our dreams and our memories.

As communities grow and mature, so too do these touchstones.  Buildings age and uses change.  Parks welcome generations of visitors only to see playgrounds replaced by pavilions and ball fields turn into parking lots.

This is as true of Two Rivers as it is of any community.  The community has witnessed marked changes to its landscape over the past thirty years as factories idled, smokestacks tumbled, and church steeples were replaced with store signs.  A visitor that has not been to the community over this time would recognize some familiar places but would obviously miss others.

This evolution is continuing.  Two former houses of worship are currently for sale.  Anticipation has grown for the potential development of properties comprising much of the downtown’s riverfront.  The community is considering what lies in the future even as it continues to connect to the heritage of its past.

It is in this spirit that we will welcome five talented design teams representing architecture firms from across the state.  They arrive on Thursday with some passing knowledge of the community and a strong desire to bring new perspectives.  We will welcome their insights and inspiration with open arms, opening the doors of Still Bend for an opening reception and the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum for a closing reception on Saturday.

Public presentations of design concepts begin at 4 pm with a reception to follow at 5:30 pm.  Catering and beverages will be provided and are graciously sponsored by the City of Two Rivers.

This is the latest opportunity to help us Light Up the Lakeshore.  Come join us.

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