Introducing the Fourth Design Concept: The Eggers West and Burrows Lots

We are pleased to present the fourth design concept for consideration in the Light Up the Lakeshore Design Weekend.  The property selected is again familiar to all of those who live in Two Rivers as the manufacturing plant alternately referred to as Mirro Plant #4 or the Eggers West Plant has stood sentry over the […]

Introducing the Third Design Concept: A Re-envisioning of St. John’s Envangelical Lutheran Church

Photo Courtesy Greg Buckley The view is familiar to anyone who has ever visited Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  As you drive through downtown along Washington Street there are three iconic landmarks that typically come to mind.  The first is the Schroeder’s Department Store sign and clock.  The second is the facade of City Hall as it […]

Introducing the Second Design Concept: Galbraith Carnahan’s Vision for the Eggers Downtown/Hamilton North Site

  This is a view, taken earlier this year from Two Rivers City Hall, that many residents and visitors have grown accustomed to.  The community lost two major employers from the western shore of the East Twin Rivers in the past two decades with first Eggers Industries relocating its manufacturing facilities to a new plant […]

Introducing the First Design Concept: Gather Two Rivers (Emmanuel Methodist Church)

This is the logo developed for the first concept that we are proud to present from the Light Up the Lakeshore Design Weekend. And this is the logo of the talented and “visionary,” no pun intended, firm that developed it.  Vision Architecture, based in Neenah, Wisconsin is the husband and wife dynamic duo of Adam […]