Where Do We Begin?

When we began to discuss this projects with Greg Buckley and Dan Pawlitzke of the City of Two Rivers nearly six months ago, one of the first questions we were asked was where we might begin if we were in charge of the city’s rebirth.  It is an interesting question that lacks an easy answer since the community has several natural assets, potential development sites, a rich heritage, and no natural starting point.  Two Rivers is a community with a laundry list of key needs, but lacks many of the resources one might use to address them.  This is especially true in its development potential.

We have identified six potential sites for catalytic development in the community and will be working over the next several weeks to craft both a vision and marketing strategy for each. Many of these properties are either currently on the market or have recently become available and offer a variety of possibilities.  They include two houses of worship, three sites with industrial histories, and a rare residential site that offers woodland views in the heart of the city.

Each of these sites is connected to the City’s history in significant ways.  Their future development will be central to the community’s future.  This requires a unique vision and the interest of developers that share a passion for this heritage and the community’s natural assets.

Time is of the essence in some regards as new sites come onto the market that may offer other advantages.  We will be working with deliberate speed and intent to share what we see and why we hope that the market shares our vision.  This is an opportunity to explore and to dream big.  We invite you to dream with us.

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