Help Us #LightUpTheLakeshore

One of the core ideas that we at Rawley Point try to bring to each of our community projects is the belief that every small town and big city has, at its heart, a group of dreamers.  These are the business leaders who have turned projects in their garages into global leaders, the creative artists that tell our stories through word, image, or sound, and the civic leaders that think boldly in making their communities the place where we love to call “home.”  The economic engines of these places have been driven by the ambitions of these visionaries to think big and act boldly.

Unfortunately the entrepreneurial spirit which shaped the founding of many of these communities has dimmed over the past fifty years as markets have been dominated by a reliance on a smaller handful of primary employers.  When these employers leave, as was the case with Thermo-Fisher Scientific in Two Rivers, communities are left seeking a recovery strategy.  Few realize that the solution rests in reconnecting with their past.

Building strong entrepreneurial communities in every small town and big city is as much about diversifying its economy to protect against shocks as it is about ensuring the future viability of the community itself.  Entrepreneurs challenge us to dream ourselves.  They inspire our youth to consider possibilities beyond themselves.  They shout resoundingly that you can thrive, HERE.

Rawley Point is proud to announce three ways that we will be working to inspire those dreams over the next several months.  First, Keith Lyons and I are happy to serve as advisers to BizStarts Two Rivers, the first BizStarts community effort outside of Milwaukee.  You can find out more about and register for their first meeting, THIS WEDNESDAY, here:

Next, we are honored to be partnering with BizStarts Two Rivers, Two Rivers Main Street, and a laundry list of other forthcoming sponsors to present the first annual Light Up The Lakeshore Business Idea Competition on August 2nd at the Rotary Pavilion in gorgeous Neshotah Park.  We will be inviting residents and students along the lakeshore to compete in a ninety-second business idea competition for feedback, prizes, and invaluable advice.  We will keep the evening lively with food trucks, a DJ, and other surprises.  Watch this space and Two Rivers Main Street’s website ( for more information on how to enter later this week.

Finally, we at Rawley Point will be working with several other partners throughout the summer to host a series of events throughout the region.  These are still in the process of coming together, but we anticipate doing so under the common theme of Light Up the Lakeshore.  This aligns with our core mission to Illuminate Intuition and our strong commitment to securing Two Rivers’ future.  Look for information about these events and other news across social media under the hashtag #LightUpTheLakeshore.

As always, we are interested in connecting with anyone who has a passion for this place or wishes to learn about ways they can contribute.  Feel free to connect with myself at or Keith at

Let’s Light Up the Lakeshore!

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